West Campus has five shared centrifuges for use amongst the institutes.  There are three Ultras and two High Speeds.  They are located in the areas listed below.  If usage or rotor borrowing is needed please reach out to either Stephen Luzietti or the relavant Institute Administrative Asssistant.   


Optima L100K / ID# 1733507 - ABC-221 [Microbial Sciences Institute]

Optima XPN-100 / ID# 11963924 - ISTC-115 [Systems Biology Institute]

Optima XE-100 / ID# 3388388 - MIC-214E [Chemical Biology Institute]


Avanti JXN-26 / ID#11881897 - ISTC-366 [Systems Biology Institute]

Sorvall RC6+ / ID# A366 - ABC-221 [Microbial Sciences Institute]